Queensland Government Funds Expensive Inappropriate Housing.

“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members”

If the words of Mahatma Gandhi are the means by which we judge the greatness of our nation, then Australia is a poor performer in the greatness stakes, when it comes to even understanding the needs and rights of people with profound intellectual disability.

People with profound intellectual disability continue to be placed into institutions and these facilities continue to attract state government funding.

The photograph below was taken from inside one of a number of lock-down facilities located in Queensland. See other photos as they are posted.

These buildings referred to publicly as  “2 x 2 bedroom Duplex”, were designed and constructed by Project Services Department of Public Works for the Department of Communities, Disability Services Queensland. This photo was taken close to completion in 2012.

This building is located in an institution in Rockhampton. It is on record that the criteria for placement of a person with disability in this institution is profound disability and priority of need.

In Queensland a person with profound intellectual impairment does not even have to have committed a criminal offense to be assigned supported accommodation in a lock down facility in an institution.

This monstrous “Duplex”  is an expensive and inappropriate solution by today’s community standards, for addressing the often complex and challenging support issues, involved in providing accommodation support (housing and care) for people with profound disabilities.

This building stands as a memorial to one of the biggest new assaults to the human dignity of people with disabilities in Queensland today.

It is to be hoped that families will be invited to provide input to decisions concerning the future direction of housing  design to progress appropriate and cost effective accommodation and care for our young people with disabilities for the short, medium and long term future.

These “Duplex” buildings are able to be modified and can be recommissioned and used for purposes other than housing. An example of one such purpose is post school skill development education for people with disabilities. No such facility exists for people with profound intellectual impairment in this city.

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