Mother despairs after disabled son is assaulted in care | Gladstone Observer

The Department of Communities Child Safety and Disability Services fund and share responsibility for some of the most vulnerable people in Queensland.

Parents of adults with disabilities have an expectation when it comes time to place their family member in supported accommodation that their child will be cared for in a manner which ensures their safety and well-being and that their lives include meaningful activities and community access.

When care arrangements go pear-shaped, few people are prepared to stand up and speak out for fear of retribution.

Thank you to the family who had the courage to share this Rockhampton story.

Video interview and article at link: Mother despairs after disabled son is assaulted in care | Gladstone Observer.

Thank you to Rebecca Danslow of the Gladstone Observer for caring.

For every case of bad outcomes reported for people with disabilities in the media; there are numerous untold stories of neglect, abuse, bullying, unsafe practices, boring, meaningless lifestyles, poor management practices, inappropriate resources and more.


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  1. That is my nightmare…someone you trust, hurts your son, daughter, mother, or father, when they are vulnerable.

    • I think it is a valid fear. I am grateful to the family who made this story public. I am aware of another situation where the parents did not find out there was a problem in their adult child’s supported accommodation until a serious injury occurred, at which point they learned that there had been a history of less serious incidents. A big worry if your child cannot speak to tell anyone.

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